About Us

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and TODAY IS A GIFT!Eleanor Roosevelt

We should all be grateful for every second of every day that we get to spend with the ones we love.  A photograph or video is a tiny piece of time that can bring us memories for a lifetime and we hope we can help you with your photography and/or videography needs. We only work with adults 21+.

We are multiple award-winning photographers/short film makers, located in the Branson/Springfield, Missouri area, who have worked in the music & entertainment industry since 1976. So, as you can imagine, photography and film making came natural for us. We started out shooting travel destinations, live events as well as hundreds of models and fashion modeling projects. Then, we added romantic boudoir and couples shoots to offer styles and situations most other local photographers wouldn’t shoot. We are open minded and understand the power of capturing just the right moment in print or on film.

“We Photograph/Video Anything But A Broken Heart” and we believe “Sexy Has NO Size Limits!!!”

We believe we are ALL special no matter our size, shape, age(21+), skin color, scars, etc. so, you never have to worry about feeling like you are being judged. Whatever we are doing, we want to inspire and uplift others with our talents. We aren’t the normal shoot and we’re done type of people! We want to work with you, no matter how long it takes, to create an incredible product that you will treasure for years to come. Thanks for stopping by to share a moment of your life with us.


~~ Body Projection Art Videos ~~

Click here to view an example from our mentor in Germany who taught us how to do this type of work. If you are interested in this type of project, write to us to let us know.


Click on the images below to view our photography and/or video work.